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What is XchangeCoin

XchangeCoin (XCC) believes that the road to mass adoption for crypto will be when changing your crypto into currency is as easy as going to your local supermarket or store. In Asia and Africa selling your crypto can take approximately 7 – 10 days, this also requires exchange fees, bank fees and transfer fees. With this is mind XchangeCoin (XCC) will build a network of retail stores / kiosks that will allow users in Asia and Africa to change crypto into currency at convenient XchangeCoin locations, options such as changing crypto into currency as well as allowing the customer to send crypto which can be converted to currency across the country to friends and family. The end game is to have stores / kiosks in America and Europe as well, allowing crypto to take on mass adaption due to the ease of transferring crypto to currency.


XchangeCoin Revenue Model

XchangeCoin revenue model allows for a 10% service fee for all crypto currency conversions. Once a customer provides crypto currency to XchangeCoin our proprietary reselling software, Payment Integration 2.0, immediately sells the crypto currency on the leading crypto exchanges which offer the highest currency rate. This prevents loss due to coin fluctuations or market corrections. XchangeCoin will accept the top 100 Market Cap coins allowing for customers to have a variety of choices on the coins they can use. XchangeCoins will be accepted with no service charges or fees. The growth factor will be where the blockchain connects all XchangeCoin locations around the world with a platform that enables a franchise model on the Blockchain technology, allowing for additional revenue streams.

XchangeCoin Global Reach

XchangeCoin will begin by opening outlets in Asian and African markets. After considerable market research, XchangeCoin has determined that India, Kenya, and South Africa are the most receptive markets to rapid technological growth. Traditionally these countries tend to be strong first market movers in their respective regions.


XchangeCoin Eco System

XchangeCoin is developing an eco-system that will use Blockchain technology to verify contracts. The growth factor will be where the blockchain connects all XchangeCoin locations around the world with a platform that enables a franchise model based on the Blockchain technology, which will allow for additional revenue streams.

XchangeCoin is a Peer-to-Peer technology that fuels the backbone of a global blockchain-based cryptocurrency that will use the symbol (XCC) and will be traded on major crypto exchanges as an alternative to fiat currency. The framework utilizes new distributed database designs, mathematical trust, and community governance.

Why Asia?

The economy of Asia is comprised of more than 4.5 billion people however there are limited options for crypto resellers and exchanges that allow users to exchange crypto currency to currency instantly or vice versa. The current exchanges which are mostly based online allow crypto deposits, withdrawals and trades against crypto-majors such as BTC/ETH, but not with currency. Asia is the world’s largest economy and the fastest growing economic region and happens to be at the cusp of explosive growth in technologies such as mobile, Internet and digital payments.

The majority of active crypto traders are between the ages of 25 and 44:

• 38.2% of crypto users are age 25-34
• 25.5% of crypto users are age 35-44

India's “pending ban” on crypto does not in any way affect XchangeCoins operations since the ban only applies to financial or banking institutions. XChangeCoin does not fall under a financial or banking institution but operates as a money changer / transfer company. XChangeCoins legal and compliance departments are staying in front of this and all upcoming legislation to ensure that XChangeCoin remains compliant in all areas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is XchangeCoin?

XchangeCoin (XCC) is an exciting new crypto currency that allows users to exchange their crypto currency for legal tender/government issued currency at all XchangeCoin outlets within minutes. Users can also send crypto currency to family and friends that can be picked up in any currency desired at convenient XchangeCoin locations.

2. How can I buy XchangeCoins?

XchangeCoin can be purchased from the Dashboard tab above. Select your payment method, enter the amount you want to buy, and click Purchase. You will get an address along with the amount of currency to be paid. After making your successful payment, your tokens will be credited to you within 2 Hrs. You can easily track your order status in the Order History tab.

3. What will happen if I have sent a partial payment?

Our system will provide 24 hours to complete any partial payments. If the full payment is not received within 24 hours XchangeCoin will credit your account in currency with the equivalent amount received.

4. How many orders can I place at a time?

At this point, XchangeCoin only allows up to two open orders at a time. You will need to complete or cancel either of the two orders to be able to open more orders.

Our Team

Raj Joseph

CEO and Co-founder

10+ years software development, Blockchain technologies specialist

Cheng Wu

Chief Technical Officer

15+ Years, Data Science Certified Engineer Experience with Google TensorFlow, GoLang, Solidity and Blockchain technologies specialist

Charlotte Saunders

Head of Growth and Marketing

9+ years of branding, marketing and B2B & B2C

Daniel Silva

Senior Software Engineer and Researcher

8+ years of software development

Sofia Kovacs

Senior Software Engineer

10+ years of software development

Alexander Williams

Product and Partnership Strategy

7+ Years

Nicola Fernandez

Community Marketing Manager

7+ Years

Shelly Bowden

Full-Stack Engineer

5+ Years

Cathy Taylor

Senior Full-Stack & Blockchain Engineer

8+ Years